A Weekend In Los Angeles

A Weekend in LA Los Angeles - AVintageJoy

Sometimes you don't have a week to spend in a place. Working full-time you have to pick and choose when you want to use your PTO, but you also want to escape every now and then and enjoy a quick weekend in a new place. This is going to be a more "stream of conscious" post about how my weekend was and what I did.

One of my goals from November was to "Take a Day Trip", now while this wasn't within driving distance. I'm counting that as one of my goals met! 

This is how I spend my weekend in LA...

In-N-Out Burger.jpg

Night One:

In order to ensure I have the most time possible in a place I always take a night flight after work, that way I wake up the next day in the place I want to visit and I'm ready to go! So, I took a night flight out of Denver to LAX. Didn't check a bag, because why would you! So expensive. 

Went directly to In-N-Out got a burger and fries, however I just realized I never got a milkshake. I'm disappointed in myself. We then went back to my fiends house, because why would I waste money on a hotel room when I'm going to visit my friend anyway! We could spend that money on food!! #priorities 

Day One:

Slept in, it was glorious! Got up and actually spent time on my makeup. We then braved the downtown LA parking and went to Grade Central Market where I first got a coffee and then we walked around wishing I had a desire to cook that day. Whenever I'm in those type of places I always want to get all of the handmade pasta and cook something, but I really would rather just eat everything in the market. 

After exploring for a while we decided that we should probably eat something, so we ate at Eggslut. The breakfast sandwich was actually pretty good. It was so much fun to watch them make the burgers and cook the bacon! 

We found the bench that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sat in during the montage in LA LA LAND, so of course we took a picture!! I posted it on my Instagram if you haven't seen it already. 

Then it was off to The Last Bookstore. The best part of that bookstore is the upstairs. When you go up if you turn left you end up in a place where there are little shops that you can purchase art from, but if you turn right you end up in the best kind of book labyrinth. I couldn't help but wonder how they got all the books to stay like that! 

Game night at a new friends house was the closer to the day. I can proudly say that I won the game!! Even though I'm not entirely sure if we played correctly. Then we got ice-cream because what is a hang out night without dessert?! Sad that's what it is.

Day Two:

This was definitely the favorite of the days for me because one of my dreams became a reality!!! I wrote a post about it here but I got to walk around the WB Studio Lot which was a literal dream come true!! I have never felt more like a Gilmore. I also got to see where they filmed so many iconic movies, where Mary Jane kissed Spiderman, where Rachel finally gave into the Phoebe run, and got to danced around on the Ellen stage. 

Gilmore Girls Lorelai.jpg

We spent so many hours there!! 

After we got back, we got ready and went to west hollywood where we hung out at a Star Wars theme bar. At the Scum and Villainy Cantina the photographer shot first because we took so many pictures. 

Day Three (The Final Day):

Griffith Observatory - AVintageJoy

Brunch was the main item on the menu for the morning. 

The main thing that I was so glad that we did that day, but it was painful at the time, was Griffith's Observatory. It ended up being so worth it in the end but during the painful time of driving around in helpless search for a parking spot I almost gave up!! M, thank you for making me stay and keep going!! We ended up finding a spot and making it just in time for it to get dark, bye golden hour, but it was still beautiful! 

I didn't realize how large it was, in the pictures you always only see one section of it, but it's beautiful from every angle. It was also another location from LA LA LAND, but such lie when they pulled right up to the Observatory!! All lies!! 

From there we drove to the airport and I went home. It was a great weekend filled with laughter, friends old and new, and exploring! 

Have you been to LA before? What was your favorite thing you did during your trip?

Also, trying to take a picture outside of a popular observatory, nearly impossible to do without others in the shot...queue random guy on my right. 

Griffith Observatory - AVintageJoy