Life Lessons From Wonder Woman

Spoilers Ahead!

Finally!!! A superhero female who has the perfect blend of strength, feeling, humor, dignity and passion. There are so many moments in this movie that were real. The most impactful aspect of this movie, for me, was seeing how all of her characteristics were in play and how dynamic that made her as a character. She was so driven and passionate with her purpose of defeating the god of war. With that determination she found such fortitude. When people questioned her purpose she didn't feel defeated, and because she knew her calling, she stood up to them with strength. She had a soft side when she first saw a baby she exclaimed with joy. She had no shame in her body or clothing and was so confident in her skin, so much so that she found it odd that others saw her clothes as something you should hide or wear an alternative to. 

One of my favorite moments in the movie was "no mans land." She saw people in need, that were crying out for help, and took it to heart. Others, including the man closest to her, encouraged her to look at the reality of the situation. He called out all of the negative and impossible reasons why those people could not be helped, yet she knew what she had to do. She saw a need and knew she could help. Then later came such a hard moment to watch when on the opposite side of the story, after saving those people, she saw the true brutality of what humans can do with a "demonstration" of a horrible man-made weapon. 

She has to face the reality that humans many times do not deserve to be saved, yet the truth that although we may not deserve it, it's not about deserving to be saved. It's about believing in something and believing in love that makes the difference.

Taking all of what she already had and adding her interactions with humanity created even more strength in her. She took the hard and heart breaking moments, felt them fully, and learned from them. In the hardest of times in life it's not always about putting on a smile and being a "good female" it's about being real, being yourself, and learning from the struggles. This movie, in my opinion, was in the very best way, women empowering. It showed how complex a woman can be and how much of a blessing that is. It showed that having a purpose and not letting anyone deter you from that doesn't mean you can't also have moments of confusion and questioning why you started in the first place. 

I also very much appreciated that the male lead didn't become the "damsel in distress" because of a powerful main female character. I felt the storyline showed how equal they were in every way. They were willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, yet also enjoyed the small moments of seeing snow fall. It showed that when there is one strong character, their match doesn't have to be any less equal or dynamic.

I feel this movie was very impactful and brought a great light to a wonderful superhero!

Did you see the movie yet? What was your favorite part?