A Week of Gratitude - Take One Step Each Day for A Full Week of Gratitude

Weeks all blend together while we’re not paying attention. In the spirit of intention and gratitude, let’s combine forces and focus on one step each day for a more gratitude filled heart! #grateful #aweekofgratitude #intentionalliving #onedayatatime #selfcare #goals

Weeks all blend together while we’re not paying attention. This next week is one of the most famous weeks of the year. It’s the beginning! It’s the “start over” that many focus on, but each week really is a start over isn’t it? In the spirit of those two thoughts, let’s combine forces and focus on gratitude and intentional living this week all all of the weeks thereafter.

PS: One easy way to make sure that you remember this week is by documenting it. Take out a journal and write down at least a scribble each day thinking over your successes and lessons you learned.

If you’ve never journaled before and need a place to start, try “stream of consciousness” journaling for 5 minutes when you wake up, or before you go to bed.


The beginning. Today, focus on the possibilities. Be grateful that you’ve had the chance to even start another week. You were never promised that you would, but here you are! How wonderful is it to have the blank slate of the day. You could wake up at 5am like everyone is obsessed with right now, or you could sleep in and let the sun wake you up as beams reach you.

The world is your oyster!


Monday’s can be hard. Today be grateful for a step you’ve taken in the right direction. You may be at the start of the work week, but you can start it off well or you can start it off by focusing on not the 20. There is a saying that speaks on focusing on the 20 that gets you the 80. What that means, if you’ve never heard it, is that 20 precent of whatever you’re doing is going to give you 80 percent of the result. So what percent are you focused on?

On the off-chance you won’t live forever, maybe you should try being happy now.
— Janice Kaplan, The Gratitude Diaries


You’re in the week now, not quite to the middle, but you’re making progress. Today be grateful for what you do have as opposed to what you don’t. In today’s society we have the freedom to make choices. Think of how different that is than two hundred years ago. Think of how many resources you have in front of you right now. The device you’re on has more information than anyone has ever had before at their fingertips.

What are you grateful that you have in your life?


A moment to exhale. Today don’t focus on the stress from life, but on a day of self care. Take that bubble bath that is so popular under this category, or take a moment to remember your mental health. If you’re not 100% that’s ok, give yourself grace today. Be grateful that you’re taking a moment to focus on you; something that we all do is going through weeks and not remembering to take a breather.

What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.
— Brené Brown


Today be grateful for loved ones. Take a moment today to take the time and be intentional about connection. Call a loved one on the phone or take it a step further and write a snail mail letter to send to them. Think about how many sacrifices friends and family have made to see you or to take time out of their busy lives to go out for a coffee. People and time are the resources that are the two most important not to waste! Be grateful for those you have in your life that are “your people”.


Look how fast that came! It’s already here and it feels like just yesterday it was Sunday. Today focus to be grateful for all that you have learned from this week. The intention that you had around this week’s decision and plans.

This week you thought about what you wanted to do and were grateful for many aspects we tend to take for granted, and look how easy that was. You’re stretching those grateful muscles and creating a habit. It all starts in the decision to be grateful. You’ve got this!


Today do an act of gratitude. Impact someone elses life with what you’re doing. This week was a start week of remembering to be grateful for what you have and don’t have. There are times that we miss that second part. Being grateful for what you don’t have is just as important as being grateful for what you do have! Be grateful that you have the money and the time that you have, by doing something small or big for another person.

Work on the intention piece by buying the person behind you in the drive through line their food, or another person’s coffee at Starbucks. Offer to cook for a friend or family member so that they don’t have to worry about dinner tonight.

Do something today expecting nothing in return.