How to Adapt Your Goals to the Way You Think!

When you set goals, are you working with how your brain can accomplish those goals, or are you trying to make yourself be something that you're not? Here's what I've found from altering how I made goals and tips on how you can be more successful with your goals! #makinggoals #howtobesuccessfulwithgoals

Ready for some ideas on how to make your goals work for you? Me too! Here’s what I’ve learned. New Video!

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Here are some of the tips from the video, and a bonus tip!

1// Look back on your past goals to what insight they have as to why you did or didn’t accomplish them

2// Realize that January 1st is not a magical day. You can make any day January first if you start to take your goals seriously

3// Make your goals work for you. Work with your brain instead of against it

4// Break your larger goals into smaller goals so that you see the progress and feel accomplished throughout the process

5// Give yourself grace when you don’t accomplish everything you want to right away, or when you fail at a goal you had set for the month

6// Write it down! It doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small accomplishment, write down what you’ve succeeded at so that on the hard days you have something to look back on to remind you that you have made progress.

BONUS: Learn more about how you think. Take a Myers Briggs or an Enneagram test to learn something new about how you operate through goals. While these tests are certainly not gold, they do provide nuggets of truth in them that you can use to learn more about how you interact with the world, and in turn how you can make goals that work for you!

February Goals (10 in 30)

July Goals (10 in 30)

July Goals! Here are my 10 goals in 30 days. Let's get started!!

We're officially in the second half of 2018! It's summertime! The time where we all want to protect our skin with sunscreen, but also want to get a summer glow, but also know too much sun is not good for us: it's very difficult to decide! This is such a wonderful month to explore outside in either your own town or go venture to a new place! Let's set up some goals shall we!

1// Come up with a nightly routine for my skin! I need to be better about taking care of my skin and making sure it's hydrated during the night! I have a couple of really great resources on this, I just need to keep doing what I started at the end of last month.

2// Learn more about what it would take to do the TSA Pre-Check. I've been so fascinated by this, and really want to find out what it would take to do that, and save myself so much time!

3// Plan a trip to go back home! I really want to visit Florida and I miss my friends/family/the parks! Not that I necessarily want to visit during the hottest month, but if I look now for flights, I'm sure I can find something.

4// Find and purchase a bath tray! I'm always so obsessed with them in theory, but in reality I've never even used one. I do love the idea that my book won't get wet, and theres a place to hold my tea or wine :)

5// Buy a friend a present "just because" and mail it to them! We only really buy eachother things when it's a birthday or a holiday? Why! I like them all year, why not show it all year! 

6// Go to the Renaissance Festival!! I'm so excited that it's back!! I went last year, you can read about that here, and loved it!! This year I'm going with someone I think will also really enjoy it! I can't wait!

7// Update old posts. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now. I want to make sure all my links work, and update pictures on some old posts that I still love. I also need to streamline my categories I've put on past posts to make sure they all make sense. 

Anyone remember the old days that we would tag everything, uhh! lol

8// Find at least two really good tank tops that I can wear all summer! I have such a hard time finding tank tops. Either they're too low under my arms or it's too tight. Whenever I find a tank top that works with my body type, I wear it until it dies! I need more that fit well.

9// Try to get a much better grip on Tailwind. I started a free trial, but I'm honestly going to dive into all of the tutorials I can find. I would really love to learn more about the behind the scenes of my Pinterest account.

10// Put shelves up in my bathroom! I know the kind I want, of course DIY, and I'm getting a drill tomorrow, so I just need to put it all into action!

What are your goals this month? What are you most looking forward to? Also, do protect your skin and wear sunscreen, and lip balm with SPF, and drink the correct amount of water each day! Ok, I'm off my soapbox now! 


June Goals (10 in 30)

June Goals 2018 (10  in 30) - AVintageJoy

It's around this time of the year that I feel like my brain goes "ahhhhh" because the year is going so quickly and I have so many things I want to accomplish! We all have so many small and big goals that we're working towards every day. It's important to celebrate those. 

1// Purchase my Sugarland Tickets! If you don't know who they are, it's a country music band that I loved when I was younger and then they broke up to have kids....but they're back together now!! And they're coming to my part of the world and I really want to see them! 

2// Find lotion that I love, that's also better for my body than the lotion I'm using now. I never thought I had dry skin, but now I'm realizing I do, and lotion is important. The lotion I want to find though is lotion that has only a few ingredients so that it's better for my skin! Any thoughts?

3// Go to bed earlier. I have to get up so early for work, and yet in my heart I'm a night owl, therefore I tend to only get six hours of sleep a night, and recently those have been restless hours, no bueno.

4// Use my Levenger notebook to its fullest potential. I may even do a post on how great this notebook is. I love it so much! 

5// Learn more about my Lightroom presets. I've always been so intrigued by them and how they work so I finally purchased a set from Peter McKinnon and I love them! But I feel like they need to be tweaked on my pictures because of where I tend to shoot vs. where he tends to shoot. 

6// I want to find two things this month that I can cut out that will help me save more money! Because I feel like it's been so long since I've traveled I've been settling down. Getting use to a place isn't bad, but I don't want all of my money going for that instead of towards a future vacation!! 

7// Keep up with my at home workout routine! I'm starting to craft an at home workout routine that I really enjoy, I just need to keep it up!!

8// Look into options for AC units either in the window or something that I can put in the wall. I just moved and my new place has a window unit, but 20 minutes after I started it up, the cold air just became air *cries*.

9// On that same home remodel path: check to see how much a simple crown molding would be. I had it in my last place and I feel like it gave so much character. I wonder how much it would cost to do that in my place now?

10// See the outdoors! I'm keeping this one from months past because I wasn't very successful! I typically work 10-12 hrs a day, so seeing the sun is something that not only is important for my mental health, but also my physical! Go outdoors people! 


May Goals (10 in 30)

May Goals - 2018 - AVintageJoy

I "May" be a little late, see what I did there. But here we go! NSYNC got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, and "It's gunna be May" meme is alive and well, all is right with the world. If you haven't seen the meme you should look it up, and if you have you'll already know I posted about it on my instagram story! Now that it's half way through May, what are my goals...

1// Make one video. I've really been wanting to start with videos because it is so much fun to look back and see my travels through videos. 

2// Get enough sLeEp (do you remember when we used to do that online) not sure how I just thought of it, but yeah get enough sleep. I have a super bad habit of sleeping too little!

3// Read One book from start to finish. I'm pretty bad at reading honestly, but I know it will help me mentally. This month I will complete this!

4// Learn and apply four new things about editing pictures. I think editing is so much fun, but some of those presets are so expensive. Youtube school it is!

5// Fully move into my new place. It has been a long road and a tiring one, but with all Jesus and none of me, I have a new place!! I'm so grateful!

6// Have a "new place party" I can't think of the actual word for that. 

7// Start an actual workout routine. Work has been more and more stressful and I need to find a way to "work" through the stress of it all. I've heard wonderful things about working out. I'm going to try that! Maybe I'll walk or run around my neighborhood?

8// Don't hate me but.....Renew my passport! And yes ladies and gentlemen if you're following along that is the third time this goal has been on my monthly goals *face palm*

9// Find ways to relax. As work becomes more and more stressful it's important for me to find new ways to relax. The other day I was at brunch with friends and consciously realized that it was the first time I had really felt relaxed in a while. I honestly still can't think of a time recently that I felt that relaxed, that's sad!

10// Keep my identity in line. There are so many incorrect aspects that try to talk into our lives, sometimes out of the best hearts, but they're incorrect. They try to tell us what our identity is in and what it should be in, but I know the truth! My identity is not in my job, nor should it be! I always want to do my best in anything I do, but if something goes wrong at work that does not change who my identity is as a person! I need to remember what defines me, and who has the authority to define me! 


Why Good Habits Matter

Creating good habits is so important to make sure that you're on the right path! This is Why good habits matter!

Creating good habits is so important to make sure that you're on the right path. Having a goal and creating habits that move you towards your goals are one and the same. If you can't create those positive habits, but you really really want to accomplish your goals, you're really setting yourself up for failure. Goals that are worth striving for, sometimes have roadblocks and hard seasons associated with them; good habits are the thing that make the difference in those hard times. 

Let us start at the beginning:

The definition of a habit according to Webster (also my autocorrect keeps wanting to put Hobbit and that just makes me happy): 

"An acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary"

"The prevailing disposition or character of a person's thoughts and feelings" 

I love that both of these really describe the fact that a habit is something that we don't just have out of nowhere, it's something that we have to work to have. It's something that has to "prevail" over the other things we want to do.

One of the main reasons that people don't accomplish their goals is because the habits that need to be the backbone of those goals isn't there. We start on our goals and when something goes wrong (*cough* which it will at some point *cough*) we don't have the habits to get though the hard times. 

But how do you create a habit? And what does that practically look like?

You remind yourself why this is important. You remind yourself of the "why" behind your goals. You say out loud why this is important. Why you doing this gets you closer to your goals, and you keep going! 

Keep spending those ten minutes before bed reading your Bible even when you feel stagnant, because it is those habits that lead you deeper in your relationship with God! You keep trying to write your screenplay because you feel that your story matters, and it will help someone in their season of life! You strive to have two days off a week because you know how important it is to your mental health to have a moment of release.

Remind yourself of the "why" behind your habit. You are the best and only you that will ever you. Give yourself the best shot at your goals, by being honest with yourself. Are you putting in the effort and creating the habits that get you a step closer to your goals? Are you giving you your best shot!? Are you focused on the correct goals? That's an entirely different post, but it's another important question to ask. 

What habit are you working through right now that you can focus on continuing? Is there a habit in your life the you should really let go of? Are you creating habits that move you towards your longterm and short term goals?


Quarterly Goal Update

Good Morning April! 2018 is going faster and faster. We're already starting to step into the second quarter; leaving all of the regrets of things we maybe did or didn't do behind, let's do a quick goal update and look forward:


January Goals

Be generous! - I don't really make a new years resolution, and I generally don't have any sort of "word of the year" either, but this year I really felt like God was brining generosity to my mind. What it actually looks like, what it actually means to live a generous life, and how I can do that so much more in my own life. 

This is definitely an ongoing goal. Honestly it will be for the rest of my life. However, I really love that it's so much more of a priority in my life now.

I feel that so many times I've felt I was generous, but I wan't actually. I'm actively listening more and seeing the ways I can be generous in my everyday life. 





January 2018.jpg

February Goals

1// Go on more hikes. HALF CHECK. I've been on one, but it was hilarious. This is when we got stuck and kept slipping. I couldn't stop laughing.

2// Get my eyes checked. CHECK. 

3// Passport renewal time. Not yet *cries into pillow*

4// See the daylight more. CHECK, I've been making so much more of an effort to be outside. 

5// Look for a new place to live! CHECK

6// Have my nails done more this month. Still working on it.

7// Wake up earlier this month and have a slower morning. I've definitely been better at this, my body now wakes up at 7am even on my off days. 

8// Stop cracking my fingers. CHECK

9// Read more. I purchased #Girlboss, we'll see how that is.

10// Stay healthy. CHECK I actually didn't get sick at all this month! Such a blessing, because everyone around me was getting sick nearly the entire month. 



March Goals

1// Make oatmeal twice. CHECK I actually made dinner twice! It's not breakfast, but I'll take it! 

2// Write down a verse. CHECK Galatians 6:9 "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." I really needed to hear this, this month especially. It's been really tiring, but I know God's plans are better than mine! 

3// Do something that is out of my comfort zone. CHECK I played volleyball at a park the other day. This may be something really inside of your comfort zone, but I haven't played in about 15 years. I also learned something about myself, when I'm really focused and want to be good at something I get really quiet! Something to know for next time I guess. 

4// PASSPORT! *cries into pillow*

5// Cut my TV Cable. CHECK (kind of). I called and it would have been more to have just the internet. It makes no sense but whatever. 

6// Do one at home facial/mask. CHECK I pulled out my Dr. DennisGross daily peel, and I remember why I own it. It's so wonderful! 

7// Taxes. *I will do these today* *I will do these today* Maybe if I chant it to myself it will come true. 

8// Wear my sandals more!! CHECK! It has been warm enough for me to wear them multiple days this month. I'm so excited! 

9// Take more pictures. CHECK I've been more conscious about bring my camera with me and documenting when I see a moment. 

10// Remember that comparison is a thief of Joy. CHECK I've really been trying to remember this principle. When I compare myself to someone else, it's not only hindering, but it's belittling to the place that God has me in right now. I'm trying to be grateful for the season I'm in!

What do you think of a quarterly updated on how I'm doing on my goals? Do you find this helpful? Would you rather see how I'm doing at the end of each month instead of quarterly? Let me know!

 A goal without a plan is just a dream.